A Simple Girl seeking approval

I am a simple girl. No frills. A continual work in progress, but desperately seeking His approval.

Desperately Seeking the Approval of One.

Many times, I find I make decisions based on my anticipation of the the reaction of my sweet husband, or my kids, or even my friends (gasp!).  More often than not this is a subtle, but compelling, variable.  Even now, as I write this, I wonder what my hubby will say after he reads it.  Will he think I am taking onto one more thing when I already have way too many irons in the fire? And what about my friends?  Will they think it’s just a silly endeavor?  There is just something so vulnerable (and so very permanent) about pouring your life into print!

Ok, so you may be thinking what’s the big deal?  You should be concerned about what your family and friends think!  But when that is my first criteria of approval, I just may have my priorities a little out of order (or a lot)!  On the other hand, when I get to the place where I initially consider the question is it honoring to God?, I have come much nearer the goal of seeking first the approval of the only One whose approval truly matters!

So, join me this year as I Desperately Seek the Approval of One.

I so desperately need you along with me for the journey …      (oops, there it is again)

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