Beyond Talent

Beyond Talent
Become Someone Who Gets Extraordinary Results
By John Maxwell
Published by Thomas Nelson

According to John C. Maxwell, in his book Beyond Talent, talent alone is not enough to determine a person’s success. To be successful, one must go above and beyond in effort to develop, improve and use one’s talent to become what Maxwell calls a talent-plus person. Maxwell presents, in detail, a total of thirteen choices a person can make to utilize, or add to, their talent to become the talent-plus person.

These thirteen choices, corresponding to thirteen chapters, include:

1. Belief lifts my talent.
2. Passion energizes my talent.
3. Initiative activates my talent.
4. Focus directs my talent.
5. Preparation positions my talent.
6. Practice sharpens my talent.
7. Perseverance sustains my talent.
8. Courage tests my talent.
9. Teachability expands my talent.
10. Character protects my talent.
11. Relationships influence my talent.
12. Responsibility strengthens my talent.
13. Teamwork multiplies my talent.

In each chapter, the choice is described in detail and examples are given to illustrate to the reader how the choices are made and put into practice to complete one’s talent.

Maxwell keeps his readers involved with just the right amount of detail to gain understanding, an abundance of quotes and relevant stories to provide motivation, but without an overabundance of words to lose interest.

This being my first of Maxwell’s books to read, but knowing his exceptional reputation, I was expecting a great educational and motivational read.  I was not disappointed.  I would recommend Beyond Talent to anyone seeking advice on leadership.

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