I Declare War A Book Review

I Declare War: 4 Keys to Winning the Battle with Yourself

By Levi Lusko
Published by Thomas Nelson

Levi Lusko is the lead pastor of Fresh Life Church and a bestselling author.
In his book, I Declare War: 4 Keys to Wining the Battle with Yourself, Lusko begins by discussing his own personal struggles with anxiety. He then presents simple, straight-forward, practical applications of biblical advice.
The book is divided into four parts, each described as a “card”. The first part, Card 1: Declare War on What You Think, discusses how our thoughts affect our emotions, feelings – our moods. The second part, Card 2: Declare War on What You Say, deals with being careful with our words. The third part, Card 3: Declare War on What You Do, deals with our actions, habits – our choices. The fourth and final part, Card 4: Phantom Power (The Help You Need To Win This War), is really the main ingredient in this battle. Phantom Power refers to God’s power. Lusko states the truth that it is only by relying on God’s power, grace, and His Holy Spirit in our lives that we can effectively utilize the advice in this book, and win this war.
Lusko boldly declares God’s truth and even challenges the reader to be sure they have trusted their soul to God. To quote the author: “Out of all the nouns, verbs, adjectives, and articles that could ever come from your mouth, the most important, by far, are words you choose to speak trusting your soul to God’s hands. I recommend you don’t wait until your deathbed to say them. Why not right now?” (Levi Lusko, I Declare War, page 81). Lusko backs up these words with scripture, referencing Romans 10:13. Throughout the book Lusko looks to God’s Word as a guide to the battle strategy he gives.
I highly recommend this book.

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