By Jon Lewis
Published by Thomas Nelson


I just couldn’t get into this book.

I mean really?  Are you ready for an alien invasion of earth? …

“Think of it this way. The membrane that separates our world from others is getting thin in spots, and if our teams don’t catch where they rip, things slip through.”
“I thought that’s been happening forever. I mean, that’s how stuff like the Loch Ness monster got here, right?”
“Yeah, except it’s been happening more often. There’re so many weak spots we can’t keep up.”
“Is there going to be an invasion?” Colt asked. From the way Oz looked at him, Colt thought he must have said something wrong.
“It’s already started,” Oz said.  (excerpt from Chapter 27)

The storyline centers around the life of teenager Colt McAlister.  A number of truly unbelievable things happen that begin to dramatically change his life.  After the death of both his parents, Colt begins to discover family secrets, that are extremely unrealistic. Colt soon finds himself in the midst of an even more unrealistic situation, a war on aliens – specifically an alien invasion of earth.

Invasion is a very clean read.  Unfortunately, I did not pick up on any references to Christian themes.  It might be good for young readers.  But with descriptions of “thin” areas in the membrane that separates alien worlds from our earthly world, monsters with multiple arms and heads, and (the most absurd) a alien conspiracy theory including alien collaboration with the Nazis, Invasion comes across as a silly, childish read.  Invasion is written very unrealistically.  My thoughts were basically – is the reader really expected to buy into this theme?  This reader did not.

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See a preview of this book here.

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