For God did not give us a Spirit of fear but of power and love and self-control.

I have these twin chalkboard cows that sit on my kitchen counter. Currently they display the word self-control and the scripture 2 Timothy 1:7. One morning my husband stopped as he read the verse. For God did not give USA Spirit of fear…? Evidently my chalky handwritten letters were squished too close, so the words ‘us a’ ran together as ‘USA’. We chuckled about this, but then it hit me. How true those words are!

1. God did not give us a Spirit of fear

I am writing this on July 4th, as we celebrate our country’s freedom. We are reminded not only that God has not given us (His children) a Spirit of fear, but also as a nation, our freedom in the USA only exists because previous generations have not succumb to a spirit of fear! We live in a free country because brave men and women do NOT cower in fear, but courageously protect our freedom.

2. God did give us a Spirit of power and love

John 4:24 says ‘For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.’ God is Spirit. It is God’s Spirit of power and love that gives courage to those brave men and women who stand strong. It is only by God’s power, love, and grace that we live in a free country.

3. God did give us a Spirit of self-control

Have you seen the exercise of power without the wisdom of self-control? The results can be devastating. Self-control must accompany great power. As God gives us His Spirit of power and love, we cannot neglect His Spirit of self-control. Other Bible translations use the words sound judgement and discipline. We must rely on God’s wisdom to effectively exercise His power within the boundaries of His Spirit of sound judgement.

I am thankful God provides His strength and power to brave men and women who protect our freedom. But I am even more thankful that God provided His Son, Jesus. Who, though facing fearful torture, chose to suffer and give up his earthly life so that we might have the gift of true and eternal freedom.

Your Turn

How do you face fear? Make a list of scriptures to turn to when fear creeps up on you.

-How do you display God’s power and love to the world around you?

-Where do you turn for wisdom and sound judgement? True wisdom can only come from God alone.

-How do you set up reminders of God’s goodness around you? Make a place to display His Word in your home today.

Until next time,