Scripture Memory Challenge 2019 ReNEW Your Mind

How is it almost one week already into a new year! Time flies.

But I love new beginnings.  Or, better yet, renewed beginnings. Renewed beginnings? A truly new beginning is a one time thing.  Renewed beginnings implies a second chance … or third … or fourth … or fifth … Paul tell us in Romans 12:2 to “not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” 

Renewing is an ongoing process – we get a do-over!

We renew our mind not only as a fresh start, but also for protection from being conformed to this world.  How?  By knowing God’s Word – hiding it in our heart – and relying on our personal relationship with Him to make that Word active in our life.  He will, and He does! But He does require cooperation on our part – His Word doesn’t just randomly become embedded in our minds and heart. We must be intentional if we desire the results He promises.

God Promises

God promises time spent with His Word is never time wasted. His Word never fails to produce good results. You will never regret the work and time it takes to commit His Word to your memory. I promise … but more credible than a promise from me … God promises!

Over the past few years I have participated in a scripture memory challenge led by Beth Moore and her ministry team at Living Proof Ministries on her blog. The Siesta Scripture Memory Team (SSMT), has been an every-other-year challenge to memorize 24 verses throughout the year. Though the official SSMT challenge is not active for 2019, it has played a huge role in encouraging me to memorize scripture, which has truly changed my life.

So …. I want to throw my own challenge out there

This year I want to challenge you to join me in memorizing 12 Bible verses by the end of 2019. Yes, it’s fewer verses than the original SSMT challenge, but baby steps, right? I mean, it’s only one scripture each month (by my limited math skills) … We can do this!

Only two steps (well 3 sort of…):
  1. CHOOSE your verse: Pick your own verse, from any translation you choose, each month. Keep it simple, don’t overcommit to large chunks of verses and burn yourself out.
  2. COMMENT with your verse on the 15th of every month: On my blog ( I will post my verse on the 15th of each month (beginning January 15 through December 15, 2019). Go to that post and comment with your name and your chosen verse for that month.
  3. CELEBRATE with us: Next January (2020), those who follow through with the challenge by commenting/posting their verse every month on the respective blog posts and memorizing their 12 verses, will be invited to celebrate with us! Details will be decided later, but anyone who knows me knows it will be casual with lots of laughter!

That’s it! Practice memorizing your verses throughout the year and post them each month. You may want to find a friend to help keep you accountable – things are always better with friends (smile). And throughout your 2019, if you listen really, really closely, you may hear the sound of hearts and minds being renewed. And who knows, by the end of 2019 you just might find a reNEWed you through Christ!

COMMENT here (on my blog) or find me on Facebook (here or here) to let me know you want to participate. I love to hear from you!

Until next week,


  • Esse Smith

    I plan to accept your memory verse challenge. My Bible study class has started The Gospel Project (LifeWay) It’s a 3 year project that will cover the whole Bible. There’s a Daily Discipleship Guide that includes scripture to memorize. It works out to 1 per month. I didn’t get them all memorized in the last quarter book. I think that this will be reinforcement for me to “get it done”. I’m looking forward to this!

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