Show the Old Testament Some Love

Are you reading through the Bible this year? If so, where are you currently reading?
If you happen to be following the Bible Recap’s chronological plan like I am, you have just finished Exodus and are in the throws of Leviticus.
Let’s pause for a moment to take that in…Leviticus?
If you are reading Leviticus right now you might need a cheerleader.
So hear this: “You can do it! Keep going!”
*Be sure to read that in the most enthusiastic voice you can muster*
Ok, my relationship with the Old Testament is historically a bit rocky. I was the girl reading the Old Testament with an attitude. A check it off the list kind of attitude. Then God began nurturing a deep love for His Word in my heart. Particularly for the Old Testament.
It all changed the year I listened to the Bible in 90 days. I admit my original motivation remained checking that plan off the list. But an unexpected blessing emerged out of the whirlwind reading pace. The stories I’d learned from childhood began to form one big beautiful narrative. In spite of my misplaced motivation, Isaiah 55:11 rings true – His Word never fails!
So also will be the word that I speak—
it will not fail to do what I plan for it;
it will do everything I send it to do.
Isaiah 55:11 (GNT)
I can now spend hours unearthing details and connecting ideas. A testimony to God’s power. He alone renews a fresh love for His Word. He alone sparks a desire to dig deeper.
God’s Holy Spirit has awakened so many questions in my mind. And as I seek answers, God is faithful to provide understanding. I am captivated by the richness of God’s Word. And I never seem to get enough!

Your Turn

Do you desire to cultivate a deep love for God’s Word?
I would be honored to walk with you in that journey!

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