The Book That Made Your World

The Book That Made Your World
How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization

By Vishal Mangalwadi
Pub by Thomas Nelson

Exhaustive evaluation of the Bible’s contribution to societies political and cultural development throughout history. Mangalwadi’s cultural Indian background sheds a unique light on this topic.  Though The Book That Made Your World is a long read, it is comprehensive in nature, dealing with the Bible’s influence in specific cultural areas such as technology, languages, literature, education, science,morality, family, liberty and missions.

Mangalwadi begins with an analysis of the reasons behind the suicidal death of legendary rock star Kurt Cobain. He sites Cobain’s lyrics, pointing to a nihilism which in turn leads to escapism, hence suicide, as indicative of our culture’s decline into fatalism.  He continues through the book illustrating similar disastrous results of countries devoid of hope and compassion, who have either turned away from Biblical truths or never originally upheld these truths. Presenting the basic premises of many world religions, Mangalwadi systematically reveals the flaws in beliefs aside from Christianity, which inevitably result in eventual decline and unsustainable political and cultural systems.

The Book That Made Your World is written in waves of intellectual and historical research combined with personal stories scattered throughout the book.  I found the “research” sections a little slow reading, actually skimming many details.  However, enough personal and intriguing stories kept my interest.  The fact that Mangalwadi reveals himself as an unapologetic follower of Christ, along with his Biblical worldview, is enough for me to recommend this as a must-read.

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