The Final Summit

The Final Summit
By Andy Andrews
Pub by Thomas Nelson

In The Final Summit, author and speaker Andy Andrews continues the story of David Ponder, who was first introduced to readers through Andrews’ earlier book “The Traveler’s Gift”. The Final Summit picks up with an elder Ponder who has recently lost his wife, Ellen. Ponder is visited by the archangel Gabriel, who informs Ponder of the need to travel to a gathering (The Summit) of all “travelers” in order to answer a pivotal question which will determine the direction of mankind.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Andrews earlier books, especially “The Traveler’s Gift.” So my expectations of The Final Summit may have been set just a a smidgen high. As with “The Traveler’s Gift”, Andrews leaves the reader with many good quotes and an inspiring read, however, I felt The Final Summit was a little weak in presentation, and a much too high in drama. As the group of travelers, who are all historically influential people, seek to find the answer to Gabriel’s question, the stage is certainly set for high drama. Though after wading through the build-up of the search and a few incorrect answers, the resulting “final answer” is a bit disappointing.

The Final Summit appears to me to be written with an underlying Christian message, but without the direct statements that would reveal the truth of the Christian faith to the reader. This seeming dancing around the issue, skirting the complete truth, bothers me … a whole bunch. For this reason alone I would have reservations recommending this book. I kept thinking, just take a stand! There were so many places in the book that seemed to be leading up to presenting the wisdom and truth of Jesus’ teachings, but then stopped short. I found myself feeling like it was almost there, as if there was a hint at the truth, but possibly a stronger fear of finishing the idea and taking a defined stand to present the gospel of the Christian Faith. It left me hanging, wondering what exact message was really intended.

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