Walking 60 Miles…3 Days…1 Cause

Ok.  I did it.
I signed up to walk 60 miles in 3 days.
What was I thinking? Oh yeah, I remember now … it’s for a “good cause”. But aren’t there a buzillion “good causes” out there all vying for my time and money?
You bet there are (oh yeah, I also remember I’m not a betting person – oh well.) So why did I commit to this one?

A few weeks ago I heard a radio ad for this 3-Day walk thing.  I thought, it sounded like a cool thing to do. The one in Dallas/Fort Worth is not even until November!  I have plenty of time to “train” for it.  And, if I commit to walk, it would give me a goal for getting in better shape physically.  I know I need to do something! AND … it’s for a “good cause” (there that is again!)

But 20 miles per day for 3 days? Well, I can at least go online and check it out.  So I did.

Oh, look, there is a “Get Started” meeting coming up …  hmm…  it wouldn’t hurt to go.  I don’t have to commit to it … AND … it’s for a “good cause” (again).

So one Wednesday night, I found my little good-cause-seeking-goal-to-get-moving self sitting in that “Get Started” meeting in downtown Fort Worth with a bunch of other ladies and men.  Some were first-timers to the 3-Day (like myself), others had walked before.  I saw a variety of ages, shapes and sizes. What I did not see was a room full of those skinny little athletic types.  You know, those whose physical form just screams “I run marathons”.   I began to think, these are real people, just like me.  If they can do this, so can I!  But then again ….

Why? I was hearing all about how life changing the 3-Day Walk is.  How I wouldn’t be alone in my efforts to train, fundraise and prepare for this “walk”.  But I kept wondering why?  Why do this?  What is so compelling for me about this one event? Why the “cause” of breast cancer research?  I don’t have immediate family impacted by breast cancer.  My family history does not put me at a higher risk for breast cancer.  It’s not personal for me.  Personal.  What is “personal” for me?

Personal. What is personal for me? Only one answer pops into my mind: Jesus.  Jesus is personal.  When all of life is stripped away of everything that will be gone one of these days, only my relationship with Jesus truly matters.  But not just for me … it is the only thing that will remain for any of us.  So what about those people who do not have a relationship with Jesus?  If I really want my life to make a difference, it boils down to sharing Jesus with those who don’t know Him.  That spills over into encouraging other believers to grow in their spiritual walk so they too can pass on the life-changing knowledge of our precious Savior.

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